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Countdown to the Big Day: A Groom's Timeline

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It's not difficult to find a checklist for brides counting down to the Big Day. You have that under control, but you may be getting a little tired of answering the same questions from your groom. Here, I've put together a checklist/timeline for your groom so he can be prepared and not have to run to you when he doesn't know what's next (or be so graciously reminded by yourself). So, send him the link to this page in your loving emails to one another, and let him read on... 

So! You've proposed... nicely done, and Congratulations! ("finally" her mother will have said), but you can't sit back and relax now, you've got some things to do still. Even if your adoring bride is handling the planning, there are still some details that she can't take on.

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You've given her the most beautiful and cherished piece of jewelry she'll ever wear, and now she's in a frenzy of planning, asking your opinions on things you might not have one on. Even if you couldn't be bothered, it's important that you listen, weigh in on decisions, and always be on her side. 

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1 year before. Choose your groomsmen and choose wisely. These are the few men who are standing up with you on one of the most important days of your life. Discuss with your fiancee how many you both want in the wedding party and try to keep things symmetrical. If this can't be done, don't go overboard on one side, but I'm sure your single brother Mike won't mind escorting two lovely ladies down the aisle. Choosing your Best Man cautiously is vital; he'll be planning your bachelor party, coordinating groomsmen, holding your bride's wedding band, and giving a toast at the reception. And, unless you've got serious family issues, your brothers and your fiancee's brothers should be included - friends come and go, but family is forever. 

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9 months before. Register for stuff. Choose what you want to stock your new home with, and do it together. A variety of price points is also a must for your guests. Keep in mind that people will choose couples gifts over ones suited for one or the other - like a blender vs. a year subscription to XBOX (trust me, I've seen it). These are wedding gifts, not stuff-I-want-but-don't-want-to-pay-for-so-someone-else-buy-it-for-me gifts. 

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8 months before. Start getting fit. No one's asking you to be able to run a marathon one your wedding day, but you might want to start developing better eating and exercise habits right about now. This thumb weight pictured above should do the trick. 

6-7 months before. Choose your wedding getup. Find a suit or tux you love (and probably get it approved), and find a tailor you trust - check out review resources like the wedding specific WeddingWire. You'll also want to give your groomsmen plenty of time to get their suits or tuxes. Trust that at least one of them will wait until the last minute, so keep on top of them. If your groomsmen are getting their attire at the same place, you may want to designate your Best Man to be the pick-up artist a few days before the wedding, and drop-off dude afterwards. 

4 months before. Plan your honeymoon! This one is pretty straight forward. 

2 months before. Write your vows. Writer's block is real. There are things you want to say to your bride, but waiting until the last minute may leave you blank. 

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1 month before. Buy groomsmen gifts. Get a little something for your guys to thank them for standing up with you on your wedding day. A quick search on Etsy yields hundreds of ideas, from handmade to recycled to things you didn't even think of. Try engraved flasks, initialed toiletry bags, personalized bottle openers, beer mugs, or cuff links to wear at your wedding. 

1 week before. Pick up your tux. Make a day of it. Go with your groomsmen to ensure proper fit, then hit the gold course or batting cages afterwards. Your bride will appreciate not having to worry about your wedding attire two days before your walk down the aisle. Get a haircut, too. Never, ever get your hair cut the day before a big event. trust.

After the wedding. Write your Thank You notes. Not optional. It's easier if you do this right after the wedding, and trust me - your guests notice when they are long overdue, or don't arrive at all. 

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